Video Games and Social Networking May Help Prevent HIV in At-Risk Gay Guys

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Long after the peak of the United states




is still a problem among gay males, who will be identified as having the condition at a consistent level “more than 40 instances that of ladies and more than 44 occasions that other males,” as a
present report
when you look at the

Journal of Health Online Research

details. The report, a study of varied tech-driven techniques to lower the price of


contained in this at-risk population, factors toward the new generation of (hopefully) effective


There are many interesting possibilities in the pipeline, while the learn’s
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One interactive website, Sexpulse, created by medical researchers and computer experts to a target males who find intimate lovers on the web, successfully paid down high-risk sexual actions. Another web site, Stick With It! (


), used game titles in lowering costs of unprotected rectal intercourse. A third effort, an online computer game, assisted mitigate embarrassment sensed by some men that intercourse with males, even though the lowering of high-risk sexual conduct was not mathematically


The task here is less about


message to produce, since the fundamentals of how




work currently rather well-publicized at this time, than just how to deliver it, since simply detailing that a conduct is actually hazardous is frequently maybe not sufficient to evolve


You’ll want to explain that doesn’t just apply to homosexual guys; folks practice a number of harmful behaviors, from drug abuse to overeating to smoking to using sedentary lifestyles, despite having been told they can be unsafe. That is why issue of getting people to make healthiest choices is a huge area of worry for public-health scientists — designing a very good conduct intervention could be an extremely challenging course of action. (we are going to end up being posting a lengthier, more detailed post on this subject matter


Several of the most of use approaches wisely target social networks â€” peer stress has a tendency to influence you in many ways different is attractive frequently don’t. This is borne call at the


On internet sites for example Facebook and Twitter, well-known individuals can distribute


-prevention communications on their friends and supporters. The posting of real information about


evaluating via reliable sources on a social media appeared to boost requests for


testing kits, one research found. Another study unearthed that utilizing viewpoint frontrunners to share


-prevention info via social networking sites may increase testing rates and bolster condom usage during anal sex with associates located

on the web.

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It really is a very peculiar quirk of personal reasoning that packaging the same kind of information in a slightly different method can lead to a lot better effects. Thank goodness, experts are starting to benefit from